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Why should I buy custom clothing?  There are only 4 reasons clients use our services.

  1. TIME - Clients either do not have the time, or do not wish to devote the time, necessary to develop and maintain a quality wardrobe.  Visiting numerous stores, and dealing with untrained personnel does not work for everyone.  With Zuckerman & Associates, you choose the time and place to select your clothing.

  2. FIT . FIT . and FIT - Total satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed for the garments we build.  "Who decides total satisfaction?"  The answer is "You."  Imagine every garment in your favorite store, fitting just the way you like it.  That is the fit Zuckerman & Associates guarantees.

  3. STYLE and DESIGN - Wear exactly what you want to wear.  Zuckerman & Associates will suggest options that they believe are optimal for clients, showing various designs, fabrics, and styles.  The fact is, the company can make anything.  But the final decision is always yours.

  4. SERVICE - Although it's jokingly said, "The good news and the bad news is that you get Bruce," this remains the foundation of Zuckerman & Associates success.  Whether it is meeting at the office outside normal business hours, delivering recently purchased garments late Sunday evening at home, or showing you new fabrics at the airport between flights, Bruce's goal is to meet your needs.  His clients know what they want and they know their expectations will be met.


Luxury Custom Clothing with the Highest Standard of Personalized Service

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